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How Technology is transforming Architecture design

drawing board

When I first started out in an Architecture Studio, we used a pencil and draughting board followed by pens with varying line weights for the final design in presenting to clients.

If changes were required, we’d use a razor to scratch out the ink and continue to repeat, making around 3-4 revisions before the tracing paper disintegrated, which meant we had to trace over and redraw once again.

When it comes to allowing creative ideas to flow, there is no doubt that paper and pencil is still the best way to think your way through details and design.

How times have now changed with drafting software such as AutoCad and Revit 3D modelling.

Revit 2023 is used to create the topography of a client’s piece of land, where we can then create concept models of various ideas to allow our clients to view inside their new renovations or future home.

We have recently introduced Enscape to our software family which offers powerful, effective architectural visualisation to create beautiful realistic images and video walk-throughs of a 3D model. It is an incredible tool for our clients to see when I invite them into the studio at the Develop Design stage so we work on the live model together.

Before they come to the studio, we add materials like wall cladding, carpets, wood flooring, furniture, and lighting as well as gardens and lawns, to build up a realistic model of what the home could look like. We tell the software the location of the property, where North is situated and what time of day it is. We can then produce realistic camera views in the home and change the internal views. Scanning around, we can see the sunlight, both exterior and interior and scroll through time, to see how the light and shadow can transform a space. Then creating a video walk through for a client is the ultimate game changer!

With Enscape on my second screen, I can see the model unfold in real time when creating and changing designs. You can see straight away by changing the pitch of the roof, swapping french doors for stacker sliders or adding a feature screen, the design comes to life.

We have now added Lumion for the ultimate in realistic visualisation and 3D Studio Max which offers the ‘Rolls Royce’ design experience for our clients.

What a transition from when I first started in Architecture nearly 30 years ago! We continue to bring the latest technology in 3D visualisation for our clients and the testimonials we receive are heart-warming and reinforce the way of the future is to push boundaries of creating architecture.

By offering our clients to come into our studio, and work with us on their live model; the energy and creativity, bouncing ideas and seeing the designs come to life on screen is a unique experience. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.
Interior lounge
Interior master ensuite
These two 3DS images are from one of our Revit 3D models and do not exist in real life – incredible realism!