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Design Process

This is how we get things done!

Set Goals

The first step for a great architectural project is to set the right goals. We listen and understand the goals, issues and constraints related to each project. Usually, a masterplan is created which clients can work towards over a period of time.

Design Concepts

We draw up your existing, and create concepts based on the brief and go through various options with you, fine tuning, till we have a signed off proposal. Or we visit a new site and work through concepts in relation to sun, wind and view, creating concepts for your new home.

Architectural Design

Essence provides its clients with an interactive architectural design experience, through the use of Revit 3D modelling. Through this process clients partake in a creative and thought provoking experience that results in a unique and tailored design.


We work towards a master plan for you, finalising your budgets, scope of work, level of design and look at costings with you, before committing to working drawings for your architecture project.

Building Consent

Once you are happy with costings and final designs, we begin the working drawings phase, and produce documentation suitable for final costings, including working closely with Structural Engineers, and other Consultants, before applying for your Building Consent Documentation.


We can help you with builder selection and a tender process if necessary. We can offer our support and expertise to help you whilst you have a builder onsite.


Once onsite we can help you with any Amendments to Council, or any additions you wish to make. However you are always best to resolve changes in the Design Stage, otherwise the costs can be considerable once on site. If you decide to do full Contract Administration, we will have regular site meetings, and aid with cost control. All variations would need to be pre-approved, and payment schedules signed off by Essence before you make payments to the builders.


We celebrate with a gift for you and a bound set of final set of plans for you to keep, including maintenance schedules for your home or commercial building.