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Design Process

This is how we get things done!

Set Goals

The first step for a great architectural project is to set the right goals. We listen and understand the goals, issues and constraints related to each project. Usually, a masterplan is created which clients can work towards over a period of time.

Design Concepts

We draw up your existing home and create concepts based on the brief then go through various options with you, fine tuning until we have a signed off proposal. Or we visit a new site and work NS through concepts in relation to sun, wind, and view, creating concepts for your new home. Depending on the option selected for the concept plan, this may include a 3D computer rendition of how your new home will look.

Preliminary Design

Here we develop further the initial concept design after consultation with Building Consent Authorities and review of preliminary site plan & sections, floor plans, elevations, and floor/roof framing.

Developed Design

This phase involves the development of the approved preliminary design to a greater level of detail and incorporates design input from other consultants. Materials and finishes will be selected and presented for approval. If a Resource Consent is required, we will liaise with the Consulting Planner. We work towards a master plan for you, finalising your budget, scope of work, level of design and look at costings with you before committing to Working Drawings for your architecture project.

Building Consent

This is where we prepare detailed working drawings and spacifications from Developed Design with input from other consultants to enable us to apply for a Building Consent, tendering and negotiation of a building contract and enable construction work to begin.

Contractor Procurement

This involves a range of administrative and contract procedures required for tendering and negotiation of a building contract and the commencement of construction.

Contract Administration & Observation

This involves contractual and financial administration including regular site visits to ensure construction work is in accordance with the contract and Architectural Designers NZ.

Extra Services

We can provide other services for your project including interior and landscape design.