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Accessible Design Feature for Seniors & Those with Disabilities

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With today’s aging population and the high cost of retirement villages, it’s worth exploring the possibility of making your existing home more accessible allowing you to tick off everything on your wish list.


If you have a two-storey home, we can install a modern lift. All that is required is a medium sized cupboard set aside on the lower level and the lift simply sits on top of a concrete slab.


We can create a modern bathroom which removes many barriers and has a low height base, stepping down 20mm into a wet room space to keep a modern, contemporary look. There can be extra space allowed for a Carer to help with showering and the addition of a fold down seat which tucks away when not in use. If you have an existing concrete floor, we can cut out the area to recess the floor to suit and the same can be done for a timber floor allowing a complete open shower or walk-around piece of toughened glass. We can add a ‘niche’ to store shampoos & conditioners to avoid bending down and Lever tap hardware to operate the water temperature with ease.


Floor mounted appliances are a must in the laundry space with no high shelving but plenty of bench space. Pull out pins with baskets for washing colours and whites are a great addition as well.


We can design your new kitchen with low storage and benchtops to suit, and a pantry with a cavity door and open shelving to display easy accessible items. Rounded edges are a must for safety and drawer handles that are easy to open. Keeping the sink close to the stove to avoid any slip hazard is essential. A microwave at or below bench height is a necessity and corner cupboards that swing out to reveal items at a glance are sensible with drawers at a good height to avoid bending down to access the back of a cupboard along with non-slip flooring.


Barn doors take up less space compared to traditional doors and are easily to manoeuvre as you get older. They are a great option to close off a room for heating, privacy and safety.

Whatever the case, there are important questions you should ask yourself when deciding what home modifications will best suit your needs:

  • Are exterior walkways and entrances well-lit and free of tripping hazards?
  • Is there at least one entrance into the home without steps?
  • Do the exterior doors have good lighting? If it’s a multi-story home, does the ground floor have a bedroom, full bathroom & kitchen?
  • Are staircases well-lit, guarded by handrails on both sides, and equipped with light switches at both the top and bottom?
  • Are cabinets and shelves throughout the home within easy reach from your height and easily accessible?
  • Does the kitchen have a work surface you can use while sitting? Is there a fire extinguisher within reach of the stove and/or oven? Are area rugs secured to the floor or lined with non-slip grips?
  • Are there smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the home that are able to be heard in all bedrooms?