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A family home transformed!

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A family home transformed!

On paper our client’s home was a near perfect house design:  four bedrooms, open plan kitchen/dining, separate lounge on the north- west side, a south-west master bedroom including ensuite plus internal access garage and home office with lots of downstairs storage.

But there was a large grassy sandhill on the north side depriving the kitchen and dining area of much needed light, and the front entry opened into a gloomy alcove on the south next to an unused gas fire.

The inside steps were narrow and steep.  They cut into the existing hallway and led down to the basement where a home office space was tucked away in a dark corner with views of plumbing pipes & underneath decking

 The Master Bedroom was always overheated in summer with large sliding doors facing prime position to the western deck in full view of guests who may be over for a BBQ.

The family has two growing boys with no second living area or space to entertain friends except for the spare bedroom

So what did we do?   Shake it up of course!!!  We thought laterally about how to design a layout of the home if all that existed were the exterior walls. We also analysed sunlight, views, and how individual spaces related to one another.  Once that was done, we assessed what other walls could remain to keep plumbing costs down.

Our solution:

  1. Swap the master suite bedroom/wardrobe/ensuite with the kitchen and dining room location.
  2. Install a new beam to open the entire western side of the home to sun and existing western decks with an open plan kitchen, dining and living area.  
  3. Repurpose the old entry area into a scullery and install bifold windows out to the deck.
  4. Reuse the old ensuite drainage for a new kitchen.
  5. Relocate the near-new ensuite vanity, toilet, and shower to the existing main bathroom
  6. Move the laundry to a purpose-built area off the garage. 
  7. Demolish the steps and old storage spaces downstairs then install a beautifully crafted feature staircase.  Have lots of under-stair storage with access through sliding doors to a new laundry and internal access garage.
  8. Install a large feature window on the east that draws light into the heart of the home.
  9. Create a second entertainment space for the boy’s downstairs with borrowed light from the staircase and design a new office in an alcove.

We utilised the 3D modelling with Revit software to help the clients understand design changes and concepts such as how the staircase will look so they can visualise what the finished home will look like before committing.  We worked with a Quantity Surveyor and made sure the budget aligned with expectation then provide documentation for Council.  We are all thrilled with the result!